ProRIDE & Performance RIDE- RECARO Child Safety Seat Notification

9/15/2015 - Auburn Hills, MI – September 15th, 2015 – RECARO Child Safety, LLC announced a voluntary product recall for the ProRIDE and Performance RIDE Convertible Car Seats. During product evaluation and fiscal year testing with NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration), it was discovered that a small section of some ProRIDE and Performance RIDE shells may crack or detach from the main shell during a crash. The recall affects 173,063 ProRIDE and Performance RIDE units all manufactured before June 9th, 2015. The shell cracking may occur when the child restraint is installed forward-facing, has the top tether strap attached and is being used with a child who weighs more than 52 lbs. No injuries or serious problems have been reported. During applicable tests conducted by NHTSA, the dynamic test scores that directly affect the child were within the limits allowed by the FMVSS 213 standard. The noncompliance is in reference to a section of the standard that does not allow any part of the car seat to unintentionally break off or disconnect during testing, which could allow the occupant to contact the interior of the vehicle.

“We take great pride in providing the best possible products and service to our consumers and their children, focusing on safety and protection,” said John Riedl, President of RECARO Child Safety. “That’s why even though there have been no reported incidents in the field, we are acting quickly and will continue to work under NHTSA’s guidance to correct this issue.”

Consumers should continue using their RECARO ProRIDE and Performance RIDE as instructed in their manual. Those with affected products who registered their car seat will be notified via mail. Consumers who are unsure if they registered their car seat and want to check if their product is affected by the recall can visit and input the model number and manufacture date of the car seat. Those numbers can be found on a white sticker on the side of the ProRIDE and Performance RIDE. Consumers affected by the recall will receive a recall kit containing the necessary materials to correct the potential issue. For more information about the recall please visit the NHTSA website at Please contact RECARO customer service with questions or to learn more about their line of child safety products at 1-866-628-4750 or

About RECARO Child Safety, LLC For over one hundred years, the RECARO brand has been internationally recognized as the leader in seating safety, ergonomics, comfort and style. Presently, RECARO Child Safety, LLC (RCS) is one
of the world's leading manufacturers of child safety seats, combining the technology of race car safety with luxury design and modern color palettes. Today, all RECARO ProSERIES and Performance Series child safety seats are hand-assembled in the United States of America. With new innovations on the way, RECARO is positioned to innovate the entire child safety seating category once again. For more information about RCS, please visit the company’s website at

You can also order a fix kit directly by contact our customer service (888) 9 RECARO. Please be prepared to enter your model number and manufacture date of your child restraint.

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